SmartID Scan

Add live image decoding to your applications

SmartID Scan is a set of optical decoders dedicated to mobiles devices. Use SmartID Scan, and add to your mobile applications the ability to decode and process various barcode standards, identity documents, car plates and more.
Easy to integrate

Can be seamlessly integrated in your existing application with couple of code lines. Simple API and clear documentation enable your developers to add stunning OCR capabilities to your apps.
Fast and reliable

Our libraries have been painstakingly developed in native C++ to ensure best performance, and carefully profiled to minimize memory pressure. Our libraries have already been successfully integrated in best-selling applications.
Fit your needs

We have a bundle of various decoders that is just waiting to be expanded. Please contact us to develop the next decoder that matches your specific needs!
Main features
  • Process various types of codes documents
  • Ease of integration
  • High performances
  • Optimized for mobile camera
  • Includes API for camera management
  • Uniform interface
  • Downloard for free and test now!


The one-dimensional barcodes are today present on all consumer goods represented by a EAN in Europe or a UPC in North America. Those codes are standardised by the GS1 worldwide organisation. EAN-128 are widely used in logistics to allow data exchange between makers and distributors. Our 1D reader also supports Code 39 and DataBar (RSS).
The two-dimensional barcodes are the future of 1D as they allow containing more information and thus giving the possibility to identify each item uniquely or to encode a full URL.
Application domains
  • Logistic
  • Extended packaging
  • POS

Swiss inpayment slips

The inpayment slips are the standard way in Switzerland to pay the bills. It contains the originator information as well as the payee, the account and the amount of money to pay. A machine-readable zone (MRZ) allows computer recognition to get the information about the account and amount. As the standard is evolving in the direction of QR-bill (June 2020), we also support this new payment format.
Application domains
  • E-banking autocompletion
  • Mobile banking application
  • Bill management

License Plates Scanner

Front & rear car plates
The plates available on each car can identify it in a unique way. The available information are the plate number and the country where the car is registered. Our decoder can read those plates.
Application domains
  • ANPR
  • Parking management
  • Police application

Identity documents

ID card & Passports
Driving licence
Every person owns at least one piece of identity. In a lot of countries, those ID are standardized by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) specification. They have a machine-readable zone (MRZ) containing the document and person information (firstname, lastname, birthdate...). Our decoder can read this zone and extract the needed information.
Application domains
  • Automatic form filling
  • Age/Access control
  • Authorities

Your custom decoder

We have a bundle of various decoders that is just waiting to be expanded. Please contact us to develop the next decoder that matches your specific needs.
Application domains
  • Your business

About us

SmartID Lab is the valorization department of technologies developed at the Icare research institute.

The Icare research institute is located in Sierre, Switzerland. Since 1991, Icare addresses its expertise and research axes in various domains such as the Internet of Things, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning.

Our team will be happy to help you with any questions regarding our technologies.